Resources & Media Releases

[RESOURCE] CUIng as an answer to growing information hiding criminal usage Information Hiding: Challenges for Forensic Experts [CACM Magazine]
[RESOURCE] How malware evolve to hide its activities: Is Malware Changing How It Hide Its Comms? [Cyber Matters]
[RESOURCE] Increasing trend of information hiding-capable malware Information Hiding as a Challenge for Malware Detection [IEEE S&P Magazine]
[RESOURCE/MEDIA] CUIng in the media: How a Kitten Video Can Transmit Secret Instructions to Criminals [Atlas Obscura]
[NEWS] CUIng has been officially launched! Read the statement of Head of EC3 about the initiative here [EC3]
[VIEWPOINT] An early attempt to highlight criminal use of steganography by Prof. Alan Woodward: Criminals can hide data in plain sight [BBC]
[RESOURCE] Some basic information on steganography: Picture This - Secrets Lost Before Your Eyes [Financial Times]
[RESOURCE] Relationships between cryptography and steganography and their use by terrorists: The encryption delusion [Politico] and Attacks in Paris: The Cyber Investigation [BankInofSecurity]
[RESOURCE] Many links to more resources on steganography: Steganography: Hiding In Plain Sight

About CUIng

We want to combine experiences of experts from academia, industry, law enforcement agencies, institutions to tackle the criminal information hiding usage while it is still not so widely-deployed.

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